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What’s a MOLM? Multiplayer Online Live Music Whaaaaaa? Multiplayer Online – think MMORPG – without the second M, or the RPG. Live Music – people in different places playing music together. Live. Online. Like musik-conferencing. Right. Okay, now what? 1. Go get the stuff you need to participate, and plug it all in to make sure it sounds…

What can you do here?

On this site, CYBERJAMMER, you can find out what is required for a successful realtime, online music jam. You can register and create a profile, download software, find people to jam with, create events, book sessions, share recordings of your jams, and donate, please donate, via PayPal.  

Equipment Checklist

For Successful Realtime, Multiplayer Online Live Music Jamming You Will Need: 1. Wired Ethernet connection to ultrafast internet upload and download – at least 5Mbps upload and download for every 500 miles between you every location you connect to. Even still, you might experience delays because of peering glitches. Hopefully, you live in a peering friendly…